Using the Video Player on Blogs, Outside Sites etc.

Video Player
04 /04 2011
Videos on FC2 Video can be pasted onto your blog as well as outside sites. You can place videos on outside sites as long as you place the video player with it. You can even upload videos other users have made public. Not simply limited to just FC2's blog and homepage service, you can place the video literally anywhere on the Internet you can use HTML or JavaScript.

Placing multiple video players on a single page can make loading extremely slow. Also some players are designed not to play at the same time as others. (Meaning if one player is running other players can not be played)

1) Acquire Player Code for External Use
Underneath the video on the video page there should be 2 icons.


"Use on FC2 Blog"
This is a simple function for posting videos on your FC2 Blog. If you push this button while logged in to your FC2 blog the "Write New Entry" page will open and the code will appear automatically in the text box. Using this function is simple and easy, however you will not be able to change the video's size or disable the "Suggested Videos" function. If you wish to modify the code please use another player's code to do so.

Player Code for External Use
Pressing the "Use on Outside Site or Blog" icon will display a player and thumbnail you can use on other websites. This player tag can also be used on non-FC2 blogs.

Any content that a poster has not permitted to be used on outside sites, cannot have it's player code acquired. Also, any content that has been released on an outside site and then has that privilege taken away by its original poster will simply stop working.

First, choose the player size. There are four predetermined settings to choose from. Or you can enter in your own custom size (based on the number of pixels). A tag code holding this information will appear.

Copy the code from the text area. Everything from <object ... to </object> is one player code. Losing or corrupting any of this data may cause the video to not work correctly. Please make sure you select and copy it all.

Player Code

2) Pasting onto a Page
Paste the copied player code into the external page you wish to paste the video to. The picture shown below is of an FC2 page but you can of course use this code on any HTML page you can edit. You can even add videos in between sentences if you want. Simply write what you want before and after the player code. It's that easy. (Note: Writing your entry within the player code itself will cause the video not to work. Even tiny changes in the code can cause your video not to work.)

Code makes the video appear

All content will still be read off of FC2 Video, so if any original data is deleted the video will stop working on all sites.


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