Becoming a Premium Member

04 /04 2011
FC2 offers several special functions to premium members and by signing up and paying a monthly fee, you too, can become a premium member with the freedom to cancel at anytime.

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Becoming a Premium Member

To users who are registering a FC2 Video account for the first time


1. Go to FC2IDand login.
2. If you haven't registered a FC2 ID, click "Sing Up" and create a FC2 ID account.
3. Click "Add Services" and click on the "Add this service" button for FC2 Video.
4. At Step 2 of the sing up screen, check the box for Premium Membership Registration.
5. Once you have registered an account for FC2 Video, choose a contract plan and click on Confirm.
6. Read the contract and if there are no issues click on the "Payment" button.

If you're already a FC2 Video Free member

1. Login to FC2 Video, and open the "Premium Member Settings" area in the menu.
2. Choose a plan (duration) and confirm.

Payment method
You can choose the payment method; credit card or FC2 Point.

Pay by Credit Card
1. Go to the settlement page and check with "Pay the total amount with a credit card."
2. Click "Go to the Next" and enter your credit card number and click "Purchase"

Pay with FC2 Points
1. Go to the settlement page and check with "Pay the total amount with FC2 Points."
2. Click "Go to the Next" and done.

*What are FC2 Points?
FC2 Points are Points which can be used to use certain Premium FC2 Services.
1 Point = 1 yen

FC2 Points can be purchased with a credit card, which can then be used to pay your subscription fee, but your credit card will be billed if you do not have enough or any FC2 Points to pay with.

Please click here to learn how to purchase FC2 Points.


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