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03 /07 2013

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FC2 Video & Registration
Premium Member Subscription
Uploading Videos
Using FC2 Video
Prohibited Content

Q. What kind of service does FC2 Video provide?
A. FC2 Video gives you the ability to post your videos on the net.

Q. What can I do on FC2 Video?
A. You can watch videos, comment on them and rate them as you wish. And with our "Friends" system you can even share videos amongst friends.

Q. I got a message saying I have reached the total number of videos I can watch in a day.
A. In order to decrease the load on our servers, there are separate set limits to the number of times a non-logged in viewer or a non-premium member can view videos on our site in a single day. By becoming a premium Member and supporting us, this limit disappears. *The view count is based on IP address, so in case multiple users are sharing the same IP address, the limit may have been reached and you may not be able to view videos (Even if you personally hadn't viewed any yet.)

Q. I'm a Premium Member but I still can't view Hiqh-Quality Videos on my iPhone?
A. If you are using "Private Browsing Mode" in your safari browser, you may not be able to view videos properly.
We recommend that you turn this "Private Browsing Mode" off before trying again.

Q.How do I register to FC2 Video?
A. Before registering to FC2 video, you will first need to register an FC2ID. After registering an FC2ID, you can add the FC2Video service by clicking on the "Add Service" button in the Management screen. Your FC2 Video account can then be accessed from the List of Services. Please refer to the manual for more information.

Q. I haven't received a confirmation email...
A. Are you sure you have sent us the correct address? Or maybe it's in your spam folder? Please be sure to check again.

Q. How do I withdraw from my Video membership?
A. After logging in to your FC2ID, click the red "X" next to the FC2 Video icon and then continue the process as prompted.
*If you want to cancel your subscription as a premium member, see this page.

,strong>Q. Why are my Points set to "Awaiting"?
A. All acquired Points are set to "Awaiting" while they await screening. After a fixed period of time, these acquired points will become FC2 Points.

Premium Membership Subscription

Q. I purchased FC2 Points but I'm still not a Premium Member...
A. FC2 Points are like a universal currency. Simply purchasing Points does not establish which of these services you are able to use. After purchasing Points, login to FC2 Video an open up the settings menu. The process to become a Premium Member is located there.

Q. I want to change my subscription plan from 1 month plan to 12 months.
A. Please select 12-month plan when you extend your subscription. 12 month will be added to your current plan's expiration date (Automatic renewal date).

Q. I got double charged
A. If you do multiple transactions, it means you pay for the following renewal in advance. Please login to FC2 Video and go to "Premium Member Settings"
e.g. If you get double charged, the transaction go through twice,it means your expiration has been extended for twice.

Q. The amount I am charged for a Premium member is different in my credit card statement.
A. If you purchase from FC2(American company) using a Credit Card, the payments are conducted in American Dollars.
(The daily exchange rate is displayed when proceeding payment)
If your credit card is not billed in US dollars, your credit card company converts the bill amount from FC2 into your currency by its own exchange rate. So, you might be charged a different amount, but we are unable to identify the accurate amount of money you will pay for our services in those cases.

Q. I don't have a credit card. Can I pay by my FC2 Points?
A. Unfortunately, we currently support only payment by credit card for purchasing FC2 Points as well as becoming a Video Premium Member.
*Simply purchasing Points does not mean you become a Video Premium Member.
After purchasing Points, login to FC2 Video an open up the settings menu. The process to become a Premium Member is located there.

Q. I'm paying by my Points. How does it extend my subscription automatically?
A. The subscription will be extended depending on your point balance.

e.g You have 5000 FC2 points and pay for 1 month subscription(1000 points), then on every expiration date, the subscription will be extended automatically and 1000 points are deducted from your point balance each month. It means you can enjoy FC2 Video for 5 month.

If you don't have enough points at the subscription automatic renewal, the remaining money will be charged on your registered credit card.

Q. I cancelled FC2 Video service without cancelling my subscription.
A. It's OK, but we recommend cancel your subscription before withdraw from FC2 Video service. If you cancel FC2 Video service without canceling your subscription, you may not receive Notice of Cancellation Completion.

Q. I want to stop subscription automatic renewal.
A. The subscription period is extended automatically on the expiration date, you are unable to choose renewal option.

If you wish to cancel your subscription you should take cancellation process by 2 days before the expiry of the contract. You can cancel your subscription anytime at "Premium Member Setting" Learn more..

Q. If I quit my premium subscription, my friend or album data is deleted?
A. Please cancel your subscription at "Premium Member Settings" page and your account will be a free member with your stored data. If you cancel your FC2 Video Service or withdraw from FC2ID, all your data will be deleted.

Please note Premium member subscription Cancellation, FC2 Video service Cancellation and FC2ID Cancellation(FC2ID withdrawal) requires separate cancellation process.

Uploading Videos

Q. What filetypes can I upload?
A. flv, avi, wmv, as well as all types of MPEG. If you include version types, we support literally hundreds of different files. Periodically, there are changes to supported filetypes. These changes will not be announced. Please note that even supported filetypes may not upload correctly if the version has been changed by video equipment or video editing.

Q. Is there a maximum file size?
A. The maximum filesize is 1GB and the longest duration of a video can be up to 7200 seconds (2 hours.) Uploaded videos may change slightly depending on the specifications of the server. By becoming a Premium Member you can upload videos up to 2GB in size. There's no limit to the number of files you can save, so you could upload several files if you wish.

Q. Can I upload a video I took on a digital camera?
A. .mov files are supported by FC2. However, there are many different types of .mov files and some versions may not be supported.
If you find the filetype you want to upload does not work, please use a File Converter and change your videos to .flv or another supported filetype.

Q. I want to upload a video off my handheld.
A. You can upload videos from any handheld with an email function. Simply attach the files when uploading. You will first need to register your phone from the Management Page before doing so, however.

Using FC2 Video

Q. How do I change a video title or its exposure setting?
A. First, login. From the My Content page there should be a list of all uploaded videos. Press the "Edit" button to change a video's settings. Push the "Delete" button if you want to get rid of the video altogether.

Q. I want my video to only be seen by a select few.
A. You can change who can view a video by changing its Exposure Settings. By selecting "Friends Only", only registered friends will be able to view your video.

Q. I've set the Exposure Setting to "Friends Only", but how do I register a friend?
A. Anyone you want to register to be a friend will first need their own FC2ID and have the FC2 Video service registered. After they have this you can send a Friend Request. If they accept this request you will both become each others friend.

Q. Can I view a video from my handheld?
A. Yes, it is possible to access FC2 Video from a handheld device. However, due to different file sizes and types, it's not guaranteed that you can view all videos from a handheld.

Q. I've changed my handheld's settings / I want to upload video from another handheld.
A. Change your "Handheld Video Posting Settings" to reflect the change. Only 1 email address can be set at any one time, so using multiple handhelds to upload videos is impossible (without changing the aforementioned settings repeatedly.)

Q.What can I use the "My Albums" function for?
A. Albums can be used to store videos that you or other users have uploaded. If you like a video press the "Add to Album" button underneath the Video screen. Up to 100 videos can be saved in your albums. Premium Members can save up to 3000.

Q. Can I use a video on my blog?
A. Yes. You can paste FC2 Videos onto your blog so others can view it. Copy the video's link's code and paste it right into your blog's entry. It's that simple. You can link to your own uploaded videos, or even something another user has released.

Prohibited Content

Q. Is there anything not allowed to be posted?
A. All adult content must be designated as such. Also, child pornography is both indecent and illegal. Uploading child pornography in any form is totally and absolutely prohibited. Furthermore, unauthorized use of images, infringement of copyright or anything that violates a third party's rights; is legally and financially the full responsibility of the poster.

Q. Is it OK to post copyrighted material from third parties if I set my Exposure Setting to "Friends Only"?
A. No. In no way is it OK to use any material that violates copyright, irrespective of Exposure Settings.


Q. Why can't other users see videos I've uploaded from a handheld?
A. Uploading video files from a handheld will simply upload the file. To set its Exposure Settings you will need to login and make it viewable to others from the Management Screen.

Q. Why can't I find videos I added to my album?
A. You need to login first and then press the My Albums button on the right hand side menu to view added videos.
Adding a video into an album does not create a duplicate. If the original poster deletes their video, it will also disappear from your albums.

Q. Why do my videos fail to upload?
A. FC2 Video supports flv, avi, wmv, mov, 3pg, all types of MPEG, as well as other filetypes. We also support videos up to 1GB in filesize (2GB for Premium Members) and playing times of up to 7200 seconds (2 hours.) Even if your video is a supported filetype, sometimes particular versions do not work. In this case, converting your video to .flv usually fixes any problems.

Q. My videos do not appear in the "Video Tools" section of my blog.
A. One common reason for this is that your blog service and video service are both registered to different FC2IDs. Please make sure that they are both registered to the same FC2ID. Your videos will not display on your blog's Video Tools section if they are both on separate FC2IDs. Also, pressing the "Renew" button can sometimes make the videos display correctly.


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