Using Albums

04 /04 2011
Adding Videos to Albums
You can add your favorite videos to your own albums so you can watch them again from the "My Albums" area instead of having to search for them again. You can add videos to an album from just by clicking on the "Add to Album" button below the video player.

Add to Album

Click on the Add to Album button and choose which album you want to add the video to from the pull down list. A "Favorites" album should already be listed, but you can also change the names of folders or create brand new ones. You can also search for videos in your albums using the keyword search function. All frequently attached keywords will be tallied and displayed in a portal keyword list, you can add up to 3 keywords with spaces between them, which will be shared with other uses.

Add to an Album

*If the poster of a video that you have added to an album deletes their video, the accompanying link in your album will also disappear.
*Adding a video to an album does not mean that you have copied the video. All ownership rights remain with the original poster of the content.

Editing and Deleting Albums
You can view albums you've created from the "My Albums" area on the left hand side of the Admin page. By clicking on the "New Album" button you can create up to 5 new albums. You can change the contents and details of an album by clicking the "Edit" button and clicking on "Delete" will mean that the album and content will be deleted.


Deleted videos will still remain on the site, but they just won't appear in your album anymore. On this edit page you can even manage added videos. Other things you can do are editing keywords, moving videos across albums, changing video order or even delete contents.


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