Posting from a Handheld Device

Upload from Handheld Devices
04 /04 2011

Upload videos from your cell phone.
You can upload files from your cell phone directly to FC2 Video. If you send the wrong video, don't worry. The settings are automatically set to Completely Private so no one will see if you make a mistake. Before posting, however, you will need to make sure your cell phone is set up correctly.

Register an email address
You can do this from the "Handheld Video Posting Settings" button on the left hand side of the Management Page. After entering your handheld's email address, press the send button. You should receive a confirmation email similar to the one below. Please access the URL provided.

"Click the link below to finish the registration process."

This will finish the registration process. Next a notification email should arrive. In case you do not receive any email please make sure you have entered in the correct email address. There are also some addresses which are not appropriate for FC2 Video. Attach a video to the address listed in your notification email to upload it. It's the same process as sending a regular email. No videos can be posted from unregistered handhelds. Also, multiple handheld email addresses for a single user are not allowed. Any newly registered handheld email address will overwrite the previous one.

All posted videos will be automatically set as Completely Private. There's no need to worry about uploading a private video that you didn't mean to send. You can change the Exposure Setting later from a computer. Videos from prohibited areas, infringements on others privacy or image rights, peep videos etc. are strictly prohibited. Please note, infringements may result in financial liability or even criminal punishment for the poster.

NOTE: Only Handhelds and Mobile Phones that support email can post videos. This feature is, at present, not fully supported.


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