Confirmation of Affiliate Reward

Confirm Reward
11 /16 2011
The FC2 Video affiliate reward points you have acquired can be confirmed by clicking on the Affiliate Management in My Menu.
Please see this page for more info on FC2 Video Affiliate.


The acquired points will be held for examination for a certain period, but once points are approved, they can be payed out via cheque.

*The FC2 Video Affiliate rewards cannot be converted to redeemable points.

Please see below for explanation of each field on the Affiliate Management menu.
・Acquired RewardsThis represents the total amount of videos subject to affiliate rewards.
・Accumulated Points -
Your lifetime accumulated points for FC2 Video affiliate.
・Payable points -
Current amount of points available for payout.
・Paid points -
The lifetime amount of points that has been paid to you.
・Registration time -
The time and date the affiliate rewards has been applied to your FC2 Video account.
・Video Title at the time of registration -
The video title at the time the affiliate reward has been reflected to your FC2 Video account.
・URL referred from -
The video URL used at the time of affilaite referral.
・Point sorting -
Referral method.
・Acquired rewards -
The amount of affiliate reward points received for the referral.
・Status: On Hold -
The points are currently under inspection.
・Status: Possible - The points has been inspected and is available for payout.
・Status: Done - The points that has been payed out.
・Payout Points:  - This will payout your currently available payable points.

Your cheque will be mailed to the address registered to your FC2ID profile.
Please make sure to set your profile in English before requesting payout to ensure you receive your cheque.
View this page for details on registering your FC2ID profile.

If your address is incorrect, the cheque may not be sent correctly.
Cheques using information from other languages may not reach the destination properly. .

* The cheque will be converted to US dollars based on the conversion rate of the day it is issued. A fee of 10 USD will also be deducted from your total payout amount and the cheque will be mailed from the USA.

* There may be separate cheque collection fees when redeeming cheques in banks and other financial institutions.



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