FC2 Payment Info

FC2 Payment Info
11 /26 2012
FC2 Video
FC2 Video is a Video Service that allows you to upload your video creations to the web!

Site Info
Company Name: FC2, Inc.
Address: 101 Convention Center Dr.Suite 700 LasVegas,NV 89109

Transaction Currency
Payments are conducted in American Dollars.
If you purchase from FC2 using a Credit Card, the amount will be converted from Japanese Yen to US Dollars at the day's exchange rate.
(The daily exchange rate is updated at approximately 5:00AM every day)

You can use the following cards.
Please note, FC2 does not support refunds or redemption of FC2 Points in any way.

Customer Support
FC2 Support Contact Form

Privacy Policy
You can read our Privacy Policy HERE.

Refund Policy
As per the FC2 Pay Service Terms of Use linked to below,
FC2 cannot accept or support any requests for refunds.

FC2 Premium Service Terms of Use / FC2 Point Terms of Use


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