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10 /29 2013
You can search for videos or users using the search feature in FC2 Video.

You can also use the Search Filter to perform more detailed searches.

*Please note, this functional is only available to Premium Members.
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If you wish to exclude a particular word from a search, use the minus - (hyphen) sign.
e.g. To search for "dogs" but exclude "chihuahua"
Enter [ dogs -chihuahua ] in the search box.

Use Filter (Old Version)

You can revert to the old version of the search filter and change settings there if you wish.

Simple version (old).

Filter type:
Order - Change search results order by New, Rating, Vies, Album Registrations, Length, or Total Play time.
Video Length - Designate video length
Privacy Settings - Designate privacy settings (All, member only, friend only)
Category *The displaying categories are different in General section and Adult section

Detailed version. (old)

*Premium Members can use these filters (except change the number of videos displayed).
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