Using the Top Menu

NEW! Top Menu
11 /12 2013
There is a special menu on FC2 Video where you can quickly view your uploaded videos and videos by category. You can also manage your albums and friends from the My Info area.

Using the My Info Button
You can check your albums, viewing history, comments and ratings from the My Check area.
Some features can even be used when you aren't logged in.
* Login required to add albums, or check your viewing history.

Any existing Viewing History of Adult Content will not appear in the General Area.
Similarly, Viewing History of General Content will not appear in the Adult Area.

My Album
Videos added to albums can be viewed by clicking "My Album" from the My Info area under each album there will be an Edit button which if you click on will open a new window. Once you click on Edit you can switch between "My" and "Everyone's" to switch to other user's added videos in real-time, as well as being able to sort them by uploaded time, number of videos or album name.

Viewing History
You can check your past viewing history by clicking on My Info and clicking on Watch History where you will be able to see your viewing history. You can also check up to 80 videos as recommendations.
Alternatively, you can click on My Menu and click on Watch History too.

Comment and Rating History
This area will display comments and ratings. Clicking the "Details Page" button in the bottom-right corner will show a separate individual page. Switching from "My" to "Everyone's" will display the other users' added comments and ratings in real-time. There are several other settings that you can change too.

Checking User Info
To check your user settings, mobile email settings or premium membership settings click on the area at the top of the page where your name and thumbnail appears

Reverting to The Old Menu
If you want to revert to the old menu you can do so from the "Switch to the old menu" button from the My Menu area.


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