Changing/Removing Posted Videos

Posted Video Settings
05 /15 2014
You can change settings for your uploaded videos at anytime on FC2 Video.
From the My Content click on the "Edit" button where you will be able to change the title and privacy settings or you can click on the "Delete" button. *Deleted videos cannot be restored.

Privacy Setting
The following are the different privacy levels you can set for a video.

No-one but yourself can view the video, these videos can also not be embedded on blogs, etc. Please remove this setting if you want to access a private video through FC2 Blog.

Friends Only
Your friends on FC2 Video can view the Video, but nobody else can and your video will not appear in the ranking area of FC2 Video. This setting can also be used to allow embedding of videos on blogs etc.

Members Only
This setting restricts your videos from being viewed by anyone other than Premium Members.
A short preview (default 5 seconds) will be available for viewing by Free Members

Setting a video to Public will mean that anyone can view the video.
Please note, users who have not logged in are restricted from watching more than 1 video per day.

Restricting Embedding

You can restrict whether or not other people can use your video on external pages such as blogs or other websites.


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