Reporting Violations

Reporting Violations
04 /04 2011
Reporting Terms of Use (TOU) Violations and Inappropriate Content

Points When Reporting
Be sure to read the FC2 Terms of Use before reporting a user, etc. for a ToU violation. Please note that continuous reporting can be regarded as an offense itself. If you have any questions please use our support service.

To report a ToU violation, login to the FC2 Video Admin Page and click the "Report Violation, Request Removal" button underneath the video you wish to report.



Click OK in the dialog box to continue to make a report and the report will be sent to FC2 support. FC2 administrators will then judge whether or not certain content is in violation of the ToU and if it is FC2 will act accordingly. Reporting content will not cause it to disappear immediately.
*Please login to make a report.

Reporting Violations and Inappropriate Content

Once an item has been reported it can not be 'unreported', but please don't worry if you mistakenly report an item, FC2 staff will judge the content as fine, so there's no need to contact us about mistaken reports. Please note that continuous reports against acceptable content can be viewed as an offense, and the offending user's account may have their account blocked or have other similar action taken against them.

Making a Report From a Smartphone
You can similarly make reports of ToU violations or infringements from your smartphone.

Log in, and click on "Report Violation, Request Removal" above the video player and select the reason for the report from the drop down list.


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