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09 /03 2014
With FC2 Video, you can add the links for videos to external sites and blogs as well as post links for videos to Twitter using the Twitter tab!

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How to use the Twitter tab

First, click on the Twitter tab under the video player of the video you want to share. Once you have clicked on the button, a new window will appear with the link and a section to write a comment.
(A login screen will appear if you are not already fully logged in to Twitter)

*If users register to become premium members after clicking on the shared link then an affiliate remuneration will be granted to the affiliate party who introduced the link.
- Please click on the link below to learn more about FC2 Video affiliates.
FC2 Video Help - Video affiliate

To learn more about how to attach the video player, click on the link below:
FC2 Video Player on External Sites

Make sure to use the Twitter tab to share your favourite videos with your friends as well as spread the word about your own uploaded videos!


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