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Members-Only Video
09 /16 2014
Only premium members can watch entire premium member only videos. Non-members will only be able to view a small sample making this setting effective affiliates to lure viewers to become premium members.

Video viewing limits are set by the poster and can be set up so that they act as a preview with the idea of guiding users to become premium members.


Premium member only video settings

You can set a video so that it is only available to premium members when you upload it.


For videos that have already been uploaded, go to My Contents > Edit and change the privacy settings.
Non-members can view 5 seconds of videos that are limited to premium members, but free members will have to become premium members to be able to see the entire video.

Once the 5 second preview has finished a button for premium membership registration will appear in the video player.
This same 5 second preview will apply to videos pasted in your blog as well as external sites.

*This feature is especially useful for introduction affiliates.


However, you can change sample restrictions if the 5 second sample isn't in the right spot or just not long enough.

Setting the sample restrictions

Free members can only view 5 seconds of videos that have been set to be for premium members only, but this time limit can be changed.
(You can only change the time limit for content that you have posted)


Login to your home page then access the video that you want to set the sample time for via the My Contents Page and click on Preview Settings. Here you will be able to set the amount of seconds the sample will play for.

Set starting and finishing position of sample

Say if you wanted to stat your sample at the 5 second mark and finish at 20 seconds, all you need to do is set the video so that it stats at the 5 second point and runs for 15 seconds.


*Please specify the start time and finish time with minutes and seconds.
You can raise or lower the time by clicking on the corresponding arrows or type the numbers in yourself.

*Times longer than the actual video as well as any characters other than alphanumeric characters will not be recognized.
Click on the Apply button once you have entered your start time and length. It may take a few minutes for the video sample to be created depending on the number of users. Only the sample that follows your set restrictions will be played to free members.

Viewing restrictions will not apply to the original poster provided they are logged in, therefore to make sure everything is working we suggest logging out and watching the video to see if the correct sample is played.


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