FC2 Payment Info

FC2 Payment Info
11 /26 2012
FC2 Video
FC2 Video is a Video Service that allows you to upload your video creations to the web!

Site Info
Company Name: FC2, Inc.
Address: 101 Convention Center Dr.Suite 700 LasVegas,NV 89109

Transaction Currency
Payments are conducted in American Dollars.
If you purchase from FC2 using a Credit Card, the amount will be converted from Japanese Yen to US Dollars at the day's exchange rate.
(The daily exchange rate is updated at approximately 5:00AM every day)

You can use the following cards.
Please note, FC2 does not support refunds or redemption of FC2 Points in any way.

Customer Support
FC2 Support Contact Form

Privacy Policy
You can read our Privacy Policy HERE.

Refund Policy
As per the FC2 Pay Service Terms of Use linked to below,
FC2 cannot accept or support any requests for refunds.

FC2 Premium Service Terms of Use / FC2 Point Terms of Use

Premium Membership:Features and Registration

11 /15 2011
Features and Registration
At FC2 Video, premium members can receive favorable treatment. As long as you pay membership fee, you are registered as a premium member. Membership can be canceled any time you want to.

Membership Fee
1000 JPY for 1 month plan
6000 JPY for 1 year plan (For the first year!)
*10000 JPY for 1 year plan (The following years)
*If you extend your current subscription period for 1 year, the fee is 10000 JPY.

Premium Members' Privilege
Premium members' privilege is as follows.

Unlimited Viewing
Premium members can view all the content open to members without any restriction while free members' viewing is limited each day.

High Image Quality Delivered from Dedicated Servers
H 264 videos are delivered to premium members from dedicated servers separated from general servers. While high quality images are being delivered, an HQ button on a player is lit. Image quality can be switched to regular quality by clicking on the HQ button.


*Since high image quality file size necessarily becomes large compared to regular image quality(flv), download may be slow depending on the Internet connection you use.

*High image quality refers to H 264 file, which is superior to flv. But this doesn't mean a file you upload will be improved. All the FC2 Video files are uploaded by users, so the original image quality is not standardized.

Some video files cannot be converted to H 264 depending on their original format. And these files will not be converted to H 264 format.

Uploadable File Size
Premium members can upload larger-sized files.

Number of Stored Videos
Premium members can store twice as many videos in each album.

Log in to the FC2 Video and access the [Premium Member Settings] in the upper menu. Select subscription period and click on the [Payment] button to proceed settlement settings.


How to Extend and Cancel Subscription
Let us explain how to confirm, extend and cancel subscription. Please log in to the FC2 Video and click your nickname and then [Premium Member Settings] in the upper menu. While you subscribe to the FC2 Video, you will see a link to [Subscription Status], [Extend Subscription] and [Cancel Subscription] on this page. If you are a free member, subscription form will be shown here.


Confirm Subscription Status
Please confirm your subscription status here. What you see here is your latest subscription.

In order to check past subscription, please go to the [Payment] on the FC2ID user management page.

Click on the [Payment] to see which FC2 services you have used so far. Select a year and a month to see payment details.

Subscription Extension
Subscription can be extended manually. Once you extend your subscription, it will be renewed automatically based on the change you made.

Even if you still have remaining subscription period, your subscription will be invalid once you cancel premium membership and you will be registered as a free member. There will be no undo. And also the money once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Becoming a Premium Member

04 /04 2011
FC2 offers several special functions to premium members and by signing up and paying a monthly fee, you too, can become a premium member with the freedom to cancel at anytime.

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a premium member

Becoming a Premium Member

To users who are registering a FC2 Video account for the first time


1. Go to FC2IDand login.
2. If you haven't registered a FC2 ID, click "Sing Up" and create a FC2 ID account.
3. Click "Add Services" and click on the "Add this service" button for FC2 Video.
4. At Step 2 of the sing up screen, check the box for Premium Membership Registration.
5. Once you have registered an account for FC2 Video, choose a contract plan and click on Confirm.
6. Read the contract and if there are no issues click on the "Payment" button.

If you're already a FC2 Video Free member

1. Login to FC2 Video, and open the "Premium Member Settings" area in the menu.
2. Choose a plan (duration) and confirm.

Payment method
You can choose the payment method; credit card or FC2 Point.

Pay by Credit Card
1. Go to the settlement page and check with "Pay the total amount with a credit card."
2. Click "Go to the Next" and enter your credit card number and click "Purchase"

Pay with FC2 Points
1. Go to the settlement page and check with "Pay the total amount with FC2 Points."
2. Click "Go to the Next" and done.

*What are FC2 Points?
FC2 Points are Points which can be used to use certain Premium FC2 Services.
1 Point = 1 yen

FC2 Points can be purchased with a credit card, which can then be used to pay your subscription fee, but your credit card will be billed if you do not have enough or any FC2 Points to pay with.

Please click here to learn how to purchase FC2 Points.


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