Hide Video Suggestions

Hide Video Suggestions
09 /16 2014
This article will explain how you can stop the Navi function, which is the function where suggested videos are displayed after a video has finished. These methods can be used for videos posted on your blog or external sites.

Edit Embedded Code

If you are using the current embedded code:
You can remove the Navi function by simply editing the code when editing a template. All you have to do is insert [ suggest="off" ] at the end of your code as shown below.

<script src="http://static.fc2.com/video/js/outerplayer.min.js"......
charset="UTF-8" suggest="off"></script>

If you are using the former embedded code:
All you have to do is change some of the numbers in the code to remove the Navi function.
Within the code there will be two [ rel=1 ], just change both of these to [ rel=0 ].

<object classid="........
<param name="movie" value="http://video.fc2.com/flv2.swf? ........
no_progressive=1 & otag=1 & rel=1 " />........
<embed src="http://video.fc2.com/flv2.swf?i=xxxxx &........
no_progressive=1 & otag=1 & rel=1 " quality="high"........

2) Hiding the video suggestion function using the FC2 Blog control panel.


*Un-checking the Navi box before posting will mean that videos will not be suggested once the video is finished.


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