Watch Videos

Watch Videos
09 /16 2014

Using the Video Player!


FC2 Video Player Buttons

  • Play/Pause
    Click on the Play button in the middle of the viewer to start the video. To pause or un-pause the video click on the pause button in the bottom left hand corner. (Pause button will appear when video has started)

  • Comment
    You can stream comments over the video as it plays. You can select the font size and colour in the command box.

  • Volume
    Use this button to adjust the volume. An X means that the video has been muted.

  • Full Screen
    Use this button to display the video in full screen.

  • HQ
    Turn HQ on and off.
    *HQ mode is only available to premium members. When video is in HQ mode the HQ will turn red.

  • *If the video does not play or display properly please ensure that you have updated your Flash player.

    Select where to watch videos from (Seek)

    With the FC2 Video player you can jump to parts of the video that haven't been played yet. If you drag your mouse over the play bar a thumbnail displaying a section of video will appear making it easy to find the right spot.


    * Click and drag the mouse pointer in the play bar to select where you want to play the video from. To change the seek speed and drag the mouse pointer above the play bar, the higher you drag the mouse pointer the slower the seek speed will become.

    Short keys
    The following is a list of short keys that are supported on FC2 Video.
    Short keys will only work if the video is active. (Click on the video player once to activate it)

    ActionShort key
    Rewind 1%Left arrow or [ J ]
    Fastfoward 1%Right arrow or [ L ]
    Pause/PlaySpace key or [ K ]
    Start from beginning[ HOME ]
    Move to the end[ END ]
    Mute videoDown arrow
    Turn off muteUp arrow
    Jump to set % position [1]~[9] / [5] = 50% mark
    Fullscreen[ F ] to undo [ESC] or bottom right button

    Use FC2 Video on your smartphone or tablet!
    To learn more about how to use FC2 Video on your smartphone or tablet, please check out the links below.
    Watch videos on iOS
    Watch videos on Android


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