Friend Requests

Friend Requests
09 /16 2014
Send friend requests to other users who upload interesting content! To send a request either click on the Add Friends button under the video or click on the user's name and click on "Ask this user to be friends".



Once you have sent your request, all you have to do is wait for your request to be accepted. You will then receive notifications when videos are uploaded if your friend accepts the request.

Approving a friend request

A notice will be displayed in the sidebar of the home page when you receive a friend request.


By clicking on the link in the notice you will be taken to the accept friend request page, here you will be able to either accept or decline the friend request. In this screen you will be able to view the profile of the person who sent the request as well. If you accept the request they will be added to your friends list and will be able to view any contents that you have set to be available to friends, but no notice will be sent if you deny the request.

*Friend status can be changed at anytime by either party.

Blocking friend requests

If you do not want to receive friend requests at all you can block them by going to User Settings > Profile Settings.


Go to User Settings and in the User Communication section check the "Don't accept messages and friend requests".


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