Uploading Videos

Upload Videos
04 /05 2011
Log into the admin page of FC2 Video and press the "Upload" button from the top menu. Press the "Select File" button and select the video file you want to upload from your PC and click Upload to begin. You can the upload at any point.

Video Upload

*flv, avi, wmv as well as all forms of MPEGs and most types of video files are supported and maximum allowed running time is 120 minutes (7200 seconds). Anything running longer than this will automatically be cut out.

Even if the video file format is supported, if the file is in anyway corrupted or is not suitable for the FC2 Video version, etc. a message stating "Currently unsupported file type" will be displayed and the file won't upload.


Video Details
You must enter a title, category and set exposure settings before uploading any video.

"Search Keywords"
These are specific words which users can use to search for your video. In order for your videos to be easily searched make sure to enter appropriate keywords.

Video Title and Exposure Setting
Enter in the basic, required information. The title, category and exposure settings need to be selected before continuing.

Movie Description

*Search by Key Word
This is a word that other users can use to try and find your video.

Set who can view your videos (Exposure Setting)
*Completely Private - Only the original poster can watch.
*Friends only - Only other users accepted as "Friends" can watch.
*Members Only - Only Premium members can view the video.
*Completely Public - Anybody with an FC2ID can watch.
(Note: There is a limit to the number of times you can view videos in a single day)

Once all basic information has been entered, please go to "Confirm" at the bottom of the screen and then "Send".
Even after uploading, you can still edit or amend the title and other details from the "My Contents" page.


Changing Settings after Uploading & Deleting Contents
Directly after uploading, the word "Converting" will display and a thumbnail will be generated. The converting process may take a while for larger files. If for some reason, the file fails to convert, the words "Data Conversion Failed" will appear. If after attempting to upload the file multiple times it still fails, it could mean that the file size or format is incompatible or that the file itself is corrupted. In case of a failed upload, all unneeded contents can be deleted using the "Delete" button.
*Please note, deleted items cannot be retrieved.
**You can edit the title, category, exposure settings etc. as many times as you want.


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