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05 /16 2010
FC2 Video accepts flv, avi, wmv, all forms of MPEG and other popular video files.

However, please note that some video files may not be uploaded if the version is incompatible with FC2 Video, or if the file is corrupted in some way. If you cannot upload a video, please try converting it to a different file type and before trying again.

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At present, there is no limit to the number or size of videos you can upload.

For information on how to upload a video, click here:Uploading Videos

Video Encoding
FC2 Video converts (encodes) videos to videos for transmission.
Please note that this can cause slight changes in the audio or video quality.

*Uploaded videos that exceed 2MBps, may not play properly on regular internet connections and as such the bit rate may be adjusted to less than 2MBps.


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